An interview with: Kendall Scudder, Democrat, State Senate, District 2 candidate

 If you have attended or listened in on any forum or debate that Kendall Scudder, Democratic candidate for Texas Senate, District 2, has participated in, there is no doubt what gets him fired up. “Every opportunity that I have ever had in my life is because I had access to a high quality of public education. Education opens up doors for us,” Scudder recently shared.

He has made education the forefront of his campaign as he visits communities all over the district. Donations have come into Scudder’s campaign from individuals mostly situated in senate district 2. Because of this, Scudder explained, if he is elected, he will only be accountable to the constituents in his district, not to political action committees or large corporations. The senate candidate is firm in his support of educators and the public school system, while working to inform voters of the various ways he believes school vouchers undermine public education.

Scudder is unopposed in the Democratic primary for Texas Senate, District 2.

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  1. Kendall is very informed on the issues in Texas. He is constantly reinforcing his input to stay abreast of the changes in our lives. He is articulate and not afraid to rock the boat. He will be an awsome State Senator. Vote for Kendall in the primary and the general election. DONATE today

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