An interview with: Mike Willis (incumbent), Republican, Rains County Precinct 2 Commissioner candidate

“I think … the first term is when you learn what the job is, and what all the issues are. The second term, you start on them, fixing things. I want one more term to see some things through that we’ve initiated that I think are beneficial to the county,” Rains County Precinct 2 Commissioner incumbent Mike Willis said recently. He explained that when he first began serving as a commissioner, there was “a lot of bickering” and it was in “disarray.”

Before he was elected for his first term as commissioner, one of the biggest issues Willis said he noticed when it came to commissioners court, was that the budget did not designate how much monies were allotted to each department. As a commissioner, he wanted to improve the transparency of the court and work to make the budget more clear. Having served on the Rains Independent School District (ISD) school board and other boards, Willis explained that he knew what a well-prepared and detailed budget was supposed to look like. After two terms, Willis believes the budget is better able to be understood by Rains County residents.

Willis stated that roads are the biggest problems. Current Road & Bridge Administrator Ronnie Morgan does a good job, Willis said, and he wants to ensure that roadwork continues, if re-elected. He explained that the road & bridge department needs a building that will allow them to perform needed maintenance on trucks and various equipment, which will also allow crews to make better use of their time in rainy or other inclement weather.

Willis faces opponent Jon Weddle in the Republican primary for the Rains County Precinct 2 Commissioner seat.

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