An interview with: Woody Fisher, Republican, Rains County Justice of the Peace candidate

Rains County Justice of the Peace office-seeker Woody Fisher has worked for the Rains County Sheriff’s Office for almost eight years. Fisher’s current job, he believes, has helped prepare him to be the next JP.

“I work with the current JP [Don Smith] almost on a daily basis. I’ve sat in court cases with inmates even when they’ve had to go to civil court. I know how all of that process works. I know how all the arraignments work. I know all the laws, all the set bond amounts. I know how all of it happens. I see it every day,” he stated.

When asked to describe the office of the justice of the peace, Fisher explained, “It is a 24/7 responsibility to take care of a lot of issues for a lot of people which I’m pretty well familiar with from the inside out. I’m familiar with the people. I’m familiar with the process. I’m familiar with how all the departments work together to keep the judicial system going. There’s a lot of responsibilities to it. I don’t think it’s something that just anyone should jump into, it’s definitely nothing to be taken lightly.”

Fisher said that he has long been looking to fill the office of Rains County Justice of the Peace. He stated, “I’ve wanted to run for quite awhile. The reason why I haven’t run is out of respect for Don Smith … As long as he wanted that job, I was not even going to try. The day that he told me that he was going to retire, that’s the day I started working on getting on the ballot. I’ve worked towards that goal for quite awhile. That’s why I have my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. That’s why I’ve been working at the sheriff’s office.”

Knowing the laws, people and the circumstances of every situation is also part of the job for any justice of the peace, Fisher said. If elected, Fisher wants to improve communication between all parties involved in any case that comes before him. He also wants to ensure that inmates who are in trouble with the law for the first time have a clear understanding of what events will take place, such as their arraignments, having their bonds set, etc. Fisher stated that he will make himself available for anyone who wants to speak to him regarding their case or a loved one’s case.

“I’m actually someone who’s genuinely concerned about doing the right thing, making sure the right thing gets done. I’m someone who’s concerned about making sure that something that gets done, is done properly,” Fisher explained. “I’m very confident that I can do this job and do it well. I feel very prepared for it.”

Fisher faces Paul Foley in the Republican primary for the Rains County Justice of the Peace race.

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