How do we solve the county’s animal control problem? : May We Ask Your Opinion?

This GSD is owned by a staff member of the Rains County Leader and has committed no crime.

Over the past several months, more and more complaints have come into law enforcement agencies’ offices regarding stray dogs. With no city or county animal control officers, how should the four entities solve this problem? Is it solvable? We want to hear from all of our readers and citizens in Rains County, what can be done?



12 Comments on "How do we solve the county’s animal control problem? : May We Ask Your Opinion?"

  1. I really think that some people are trying to mind other people’s business.

    How much does a dog bring after you catch him? Is he worth more than catching a speeder that is not observing the speed limit. Which one pays the biggest fine?…The dog, cat, horse, cow or the speeder? Have you ever compared who pays what?

  2. What has the county done in maybe getting their own dog pound? I realize we are a small county, however stray animals are a big problem here.

  3. I’m not sure what Mr. Moody is really saying, but I believe all these problems need to be addressed some how. Of course speeding is a problem, but if you’ve ever had several dogs dropped at your front door, that is a major issue too. I am a dog lover and cannot stand the thought of euthanizing an animal just because it was dumped. So when there is a dumped dog in our neighborhood, one of us out here either foot the bill to have them checked out and then try to find a home or we take the stray in. I’ve kept 3 over the last 10 years myself and have neighbors that have also.

    The most recent event was a un-neutered pit bull mix that was dropped off and it was trying to breed a local female dog. I called the county and basically was told when he bites someone, we’ll get involved at that point. That they couldn’t do anything. God forbid that dog bite a child or anyone else for that matter. Yes, something needs to be done.

  4. Well with the county taxes being raised, could the county/city put funding in the budget for an animal shelter? Not only providing for the animals, jobs could be opened. Animal control person, shelter help, vet on call, etc. I bet it would be great for the community and the animals will find owners or be hopefully adopted.

  5. I agree with kim ondracek, as for Moody when someone hits a stray Dog who pays for the car to get fixed or the get if the dog is still alive

  6. We did have animal control.. there are 3 kennels at the jail.. trustees use to care for and help catch stray dogs.. our county is not so poor that we can’t have animal control. Also we need cameras on sides of our buses. . Tickets can be mailed for anyone passing any bus.. federal law bus stop all traffic stops.. plus tickets will help make an example and help with even more funds for the community.

  7. I have had a lot of issues with dogs on my property being aggressive and never letting family or friends feel comfortable coming to visit. I’m not a dog owner but you would think I was with the dogs that would show up! We should have a place to help take dogs.

  8. Tonia Lawler | May 2, 2017 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    I think converting an old building like the oALCO building in Emory for an animal shelter would be a great idea. While the ALCO maybe a big facility it is not being used for anything. If not the ALCO then maybe a different facility. The dogs and animals need a shelter which can also help reconnect lost animals with there owners. Re-purposing an old building for a great cause and at the same time creating job. It’s just a thought.

  9. Stiffer laws and punishment for those caught throwing animals out. Advertising the laws that are already in place. Maybe a partnership with another entity that has a shelter in place.

  10. Carlene Altom | May 24, 2017 at 9:39 am | Reply

    In one year I’ve experienced 7 strays. You have the facility and we have people serving time in jailas well as community service. We have an active 4-H and we have a community that cares. Create a non profit.. have the space that already exists, donated back to the 501 c3. Funding jars at local business, private donations, grants and yearly fundraisers with biweekly adoption days. Any animal fines given, should be donated to the non profit. I can help set it all up.

  11. Sarah Jacobs | May 27, 2017 at 1:33 pm | Reply

    I think this is a threefold issue.
    1. People need to have consequences for allowing their animals to roam. Mr Moody it is my problem if someone lets their dog run and it comes on my property and attacks my service animal. Who is going to pay the 20k for another one to be trained, and help me in the mean time?
    2. Dumping and abandoning animals should have equitable consequences to child neglect and abuse. These are innocent lives unable to adequately provide for their own safety.
    3. Our county should be equipped the the means and personnel to monitor and enforce the laws. Without the ability to enforce laws, the law is nullified.

    We should actively participate in budget matters of city, county, and state. We should hold our elected officials accountable for performance of their duties especially financial and legal decisions.

    Together we can build a strong community. It takes effort and dedication of every citizen. Let’s help our governing bodies help us.

  12. I found your article on the animal shelter/control issue amusing. In 1998 Friends of The Rains County Animal Shelter association was formed. It was set up to address the issues you discussed. For 5 years a dedicated group of citizens worked tirelessly toward the issue. We achieved land donation, building, an inter model agreement with all 3 cities to contribute equally toward the issue. East Tawakoni and Point donated their $10,000. We had full support of the Sheriffs office and the Commissioners court. We achieved a 501C3 and we raised $33,000. The RC shelter association had a full time volunteer, State Certified Animal Control Officer. That officer put together the successful animal control department at the City of East Tawakoni and began working on the same with the City of Point. The Association answered all calls regarding animal issues for the entire county. We placed/save hundreds and hundreds of animals. Thousands and thousands of man hours. We ran a successful education program at the RC elementary school. We organized the pet show at the RC fair. We partnered with the City of Greenville and a veterinarian from Hunt county. We had a state of the art shelter designed and we were in the process of getting permission from the county and the 3 cities to begin construction when at the last minute the City of Emory put a ca bosh on all that was achieved because Kay House and Travis Potts wanted an environmental study. All along, the City of Emory was the least cooperative. Every hoop they requested we jumped through. I find it funny that 15 years later Emory now wants to address the issue.
    1 child was murdered by Dogs in this county, Animals abused and abandon. Now the city wants to do something? All the work has been done for the City maybe someone can go back and retrieve the information. Emory was the one that killed the Animal Shelter Association back then, with its unreasonable requests. Rossen isn’t doing anything that has not already been done 15 years ago by the Rains County Animal Shelter Association. Hopefully he can make it happen.

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