Judge David Bridges (Republican) – Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge David Bridges –

What do you believe Rains County voters need to consider when choosing a candidate on the March primary ballot?

“I am David Bridges. I am running statewide for the position of Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The highest criminal court in the State. I grew up in Rains County and graduated from Rains High School in 1973. I was baptized in a stock pond near Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church and my parents are buried there.

“My family still owns a small place near Bright Star and I return often to Rains to see friends and be a part of the community. The voters should choose someone with the experience to do the job and the integrity to restore respect to the office. I have been a Justice on the Fifth Court of Appeals for 21 years.

“I am Board Certified in Criminal Law since 1989 and Criminal Appellate Law since 2011. I was a State prosecutor in both Smith County and Upshur County and I prosecuted unethical lawyers for the State Bar of Texas of 5 years.”

What are three issues you would focus on, if elected?

I would focus on bringing respect back to the office of Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The incumbent has had some serious lapses in judgement. She forgot she owned 6 pieces of property in Dallas worth $2.6 million for 10 years for which she was sanctioned $25,000. She led the court in stopping a man from getting a new trial after it was proven DNA wasn’t his but Gov. Bush granted him a pardon. When she first went on the bench it came out that she was the landlord to a gentleman’s club in Dallas.

What are any other thoughts/plans/ideas you would like the voters of Rains County to know? 

I have been endorsed by both the Dallas Morning News and the Tarrant County Tea Party.  I don’t know if Rains County has ever had anyone run for statewide office but I am proud to represent you. On a more humorous note, I am proud  my family donated  a building to the Rains County Historical Park even if it is the building for outdoor plumbing.

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  1. Thank you to my friends and family who read my favorite newspaper the Rains County Leader. It chronicles the lives of my friends so that I can keep current. I hope I can win Rains County in this Statewide race for Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Thank you for your support!

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