Letter to the Editor-John Chitwood

Dear Editor:

Congratulations on 130 years! The Leader has been a member of my family all my life. I can remember my grandmother reading it to me as a toddler, her name was Madelyn Coker, she grew up in Point with D.S. Peoples and his wife Trudy. She helped me learn to read with the Leader as a small child and at nine years old, I remember laughing for the first time at the column written by Kathleen Hill.

My grandmother and her husband, my uncle, and my mother moved away from Rains County in 1955 but she always subscribed to it until she passed away in 2004. I love Rains County and have always called it my home, even living there a few times.

Thank you for helping a small dyslexic boy overcome a learning disorder, and giving me the memories of youth.

John Chitwood

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