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I am weary, of certain misstatements and misrepresentations we, the “great unwashed” public are subjected to on a fairly regular basis.

Democracy. Despite assertions by politicians and “scholars” (political science professors), we do not live in a democracy in America. We never have. We live in a republic, a representative republic. (Benjamin Franklin: “we give you a republic, if you can keep it”.)

Experts. We are inundated with experts of any and every description. How does someone become an expert? It seems some person or group of persons declares that a person is an expert. Pretty simple, is it not? What if one declares himself to be an expert? It reflects back to that old question, “what qualifies you to make that decision”? I once had a conversation with an “investigative reporter” who decided that a person, with whom he was acquainted, was an expert, because that person had testified before the U. S. Congress. All sorts of liars and charlatans have testified before congress, but in my estimation that hardly qualifies them as experts.

Voter fraud. Of course there is voter fraud. When I came of voting age (then 21), I developed an interest in political matters. The first presidential election in which I participated, was Johnson vs Goldwater. What an eye opener! The dead arose from graves to vote for LBJ! I, being a young man, was confused. Could this be Resurrection Day? Why else would all these dead persons arise from the grave to participate in this election? I have noticed that ever since, the dead can vote; especially if they are members of a certain political party. In other cases, some folks can vote multiple times. One does not even have to be a citizen to vote!

Honest Politician. In my opinion, a contradiction in terms. I had a political science professor at university who who postulated that LBJ might be the consummate politician. This was hardly a surprise, since he also considered that William Wayne Justice was one of the greatest blessings ever bestowed on the State of Texas! I only know of one time LBJ told the truth. During the presidential campaign vs Goldwater, LBJ asserted that if I voted for Goldwater there would be war, riots and insurrection! Guess what! I voted for Goldwater and the prediction came to fruition! Then came worse liars. Bill Clinton…….B. Obama.

Obama. Obama recently advised Trump to toughen up and quit whining about “rigged elections”. This from the worm who during his first presidential campaign advised Maureen Dowd (a debate moderator) to knock off any references to his ears since he was “sensitive” about his ears! How is that for a double standard?

Presidential Debate. This is, at best, a joke and a hoax. It is not a debate, but rather a forum where candidates regurgitate written or canned responses to inane questions, likely already known to the candidates (even though this is regularly discounted). The old adage about putting “lipstick on a pig” applies…………hmmmm! That brings to mind a vision of the last so called debate!

Harold Carr

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