Letters To The Editor: Political: Harold Carr (1)

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Submitted by Harold Carr:

“Open letter to Hillary Clinton: Be advised, I am one of that basket of ‘deplorables,’ you denounced with your all too familiar contempt and scorn. I am fully cognizant that you really wanted to convey that we are morons or worse.

While you were toddling around in diapers, I was in high school under the tutelage of Virgina Currey, spinster and English teacher extraordinaire. Ms. Currey did not tolerate misuse or bastardization of words. She was aware that phobia derived from Greek phobos…fear, aversion. She would have quickly and sternly admonished you and the rest of the politically correct crowd for the contrived meaning(s) associated with homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. I have no fear of homosexuals, Islamists or persons from other countries or cultures. I am in no way racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or Islamophobic. If I choose not to associate with a person for any personal reason, it does not indicate fear, but my choice. I make my own decisions, unaffected by the demands of political correctness. If I do not approve of a person or that person’s actions, no liberal whiner will dissuade me.

Before you completed first grade, I completed my military commitment, as a Nuclear Weapons Technician, entrusted with our country’s nuclear secrets, which I guarded jealously and honorably. There is a lesson for you.

You questioned Trump’s “presidential demeanor.” Perhaps he should follow the example of a short, dumpy former “first lady,” with a royalty complex, screaming obscenities at any domestic worker unfortunate enough to exit the White House hallways as quickly as the self-imagined Queen deemed sufficiently subservient. Or perhaps an extended vacation, such as yours, with your “friend” Donna Shalala at the expense of the taxpayers, may be in order. It seems you may be recommending shamelessness as a desirable presidential quality.

Be assured, under no circumstance will I vote for you, ever, for any reason!”

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  1. Deborah McLain | October 30, 2016 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    This is a big election and I wanted to put signs out for my candidate.  I put one in my yard and one at the corner of my road.  They were there exactly 1 day.  Somebody took them.  I only paid a little for them but it’s the idea that people can take whatever they want from someone else.  I hope whoever took them will put them in their yard.

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