May We Ask Your Opinion: A Performing Arts Center for Rains High School?

Recently, parents have attended Rains ISD School Board meetings to discuss their (and others’) desire for a performing arts center for the school district which would benefit the theatre, band and choir programs at the high school. What are your thoughts regarding such a project? How should it be funded? If you’re a registered voter in Rains County, would you vote in favor of a bond to fund the performing arts center?

Let us know and your comments could be used in an upcoming article!

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4 Comments on "May We Ask Your Opinion: A Performing Arts Center for Rains High School?"

  1. I am one of the parents who have spoken at the meetings, so I am of course in favor of the performing arts center. The current stage is half the regulation size for UIL, which limits the kids when it comes to competing where they can get attention in the form of scholarships. It is also open, with no way to block out the noise from the gym, which is in nearly constant use…and as parents we have to be pleased about that. We want the kids to get the maximum benefit from the facilities. But the size of the current stage isn’t the only problem. Seating, acoustics, and the proximity to the gym are issues that we cannot fix with remodeling. A separate performing arts center would settle the issue in a way that will solve the problem permanently.

  2. Jeannie Prendergast | December 26, 2017 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    The City of Emory should build a performing arts center which would benefit the whole community and surrounding areas. Many small East Texas towns that have performing arts centers find them to most beneficial to their growth and prosperity.

  3. As a taxpayer I expect my dollars to go toward giving a great education. I feel we spend way too much on extracurricular activities and not enough on teachers and academics my saying is Johnny can’t read or write but look how good he plays ball or plays an instrument . Rains County has estimated total population of 11,000 which would amount to $702 per person for something which is not necessary. What will we do when we need upgrades for our schools?

    • I agree that a great education is the point, but I would like to respectfully disagree with the idea that performing arts and other extra curriculars aren’t a big part of any solid education. With so much emphasis inside classrooms on mandated testing, many important skills are only learned in things like sports (teamwork that makes for excellent employees) FFA (life skills that translate well in many jobs) and theater (public speaking and confidence, not to mention critical thinking and basic life skills like costuming…which is more helpful than you would think in real life). Moreover, extracurricular activities are OFTEN the difference between students getting financial help for college, which is no small part of why so many parents actively encourage teens to spend so much time on them.

      One final point in favor of the performing arts center is that it is estimated that the additional classroom space will extend the life of the high school by ten years.

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