Police Chief Tracy Rosson responds to reports of alleged animal abuse in Emory

This morning, the Rains County Leader spoke with City of Emory Police Chief Tracy Rosson regarding reports on social media of two local males and possible animal abuse. Chief Rosson explained that he was a witness to one of the males, in accordance with the male’s work, removing an already deceased feline from a road. At this time, Chief Rosson states that the males’ stories regarding the feline, the appropriation of the photo, and the subsequent posting to social media seem to be true. He explained that there is an ongoing investigation, and although the posting to social media was in bad taste, neither male is believed to have participated in any criminal activity regarding the feline, at this time.

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  1. It is easy to believe everything you see on social media which can cause an uproar I for one and many others feel the same do not have that sick sense of humor to take a deceased creature and make a joke about it why would one say they killed the cat with a bat and then turn around and say it was all a joke and they didnt kill the cat if they where searching for attention they got it. If its no trouble I would like to receive any further information about the subject at hand if at possible.

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