Was the speed limit change on Hwy. 19S (towards Canton) a good change? May We Ask Your Opinion?

TxDOT recently changed the speed limit on Hwy. 19S towards Canton, when leaving Emory city limits. The speed limit is now 65 mph rather than 75 mph. Tell us what you think about the change and if there are any other stretches of road where you believe the speed should be increased/decreased!! For the full story, pick up an issue of the May 30, 2017 edition of the Rains County Leader.

New speed limit signs have been placed along Hwy. 19S leaving Emory.

The intersection of Hwy. 19S and FM 2324 played a factor in TxDOT changing the speed limit from 75 mph to 65 mph. Several accidents had occurred here when the speed limit was 75 mph.

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  1. Right there were 19 and 2324 meet. The speed limit is not the problem it’s the problem is people are not paying attention.I have seen people not even come to a complete stop and go right in front of you thinking they could make it and 9 times out of 10 they can but on that 10th time they didn’t.

  2. Patsy Marshall | May 31, 2017 at 11:40 am | Reply

    I just wanted the public to know the reason I became involved with TxDOT and Highway 19 S. First, I had been approached several times by some of the citizens that access that portion of Highway 19 S from FM2324 and CR 2220 to assist them in getting some changes made to the intersection to make it safer. Second, I was provided a copy of a petition signed by a lot of citizens and submitted to TxDOT asking for help with those intersections. I spoke with TxDOT, a Mr. Tommy Henderson in Paris, and then sent a letter to them asking for better alerts to the approaching intersection from FM2324 because it does seem to have one problem of distracted driving and people blowing through the intersection. In response, TxDot initially put more “rumble strips” out as vehicles approach Highway 19 to alert them to pay attention and they increased the size of the STOP sign. I appreciated this effort but I also thought the speed of the vehicles traveling Highway 19 S was too fast, especially since there was a curve and lower portion of highway just north of the intersection. I knew personally since I use this intersection frequently, I could stop, look but then as I would begin to pull forward, I would look to my left again and a vehicle that I had not seen on my first look would be right on me. I thought if this had happened to me, it probably had happened to others as well. I asked Mr. Henderson if it was possible to lower the speed limit until you had passed the intersection and he told me a speed study would be performed. My understanding was the traffic was not only going 75 MPH, a large portion was traveling at a much faster speed. It is evident from that study that TxDOT agreed that the speed limit of 75 MPH was faster than safety conditions allow and, hence, the lower limit of 65 MPH was determined necessary. My hope is safety has been improved with the steps taken by TxDOT and I truly appreciated all the staff that worked on this, as well as our citizens that took the time and effort to express their concerns to me.

  3. I would be okay with FM 515 being increased to 60mph (since most boaters go a lot faster than that anyway)if they would increase the width of the roadway. As far as Hwy 19 goes, 65mph is okay but they need to install a blinking light at the interesection with FM 2324.

  4. Now the bumps un the road at Hwy 19 and 2324 need to be fixed!!! They are horrible when you are turning north on 19 from 2324 . Surely if you travel it as frequently as you stated, thwn you have felt them.

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